Don’t Miss These Exotic Getaways Just Off the Map


When you think of a tourist destination, what comes to mind? You might picture the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty. But there are many other places that might not have come to your attention as potential travel spots.

Read on for an overview of three destinations: the island nation of Palau in Micronesia, Saigon in Vietnam, and St. Helena Island off the coast of Africa, which offer unique experiences that tourists won’t find elsewhere!

  • Palau: A Pacific Paradise

Palau, a tiny island located in Micronesia, might not be on your radar as a tourist destination, and that’s exactly what the residents are counting on. Their tourism board is pushing for just 22,000 visitors per year!

What might interest you in Palau’s treasure trove of natural beauty? Well, there are still some beautiful beaches in Palau, for one thing, and they’re waiting for you to discover them!

  • Saigon: A Fusion of Ancient and Modern

If you’re looking for a little slice of both the old world and new, do not miss your chance to visit Saigon. Today, you’ll find a perfect blend of old and new world charm in Saigon, and it’s rising in popularity as the fastest-growing tourist destination in Southeast Asia!

Not only is there tons to do in Saigon, but it’s also very affordable compared to other, more popular destinations such as Thailand or Japan. So, if you’re looking for something a bit exotic but want to keep your travel expenses in check, Saigon is the city for you! While you are there, don’t miss your chance to visit like a local by booking a boutique hotel in Saigon.

  • St. Helena Island: The Long-Lost Cousin of the Caribbean

For those who have always dreamed of visiting the Caribbean, St. Helena Island might be a dream come true!

St. Helena island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean and was once visited by Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile from France. Today, it’s one of the most remote islands globally, which means that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that feels more like the Caribbean.

An added bonus? St. Helena offers excellent year-round diving conditions in addition to beautiful tropical beaches and weather!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today by booking flights to Saigon or Palau or reserving your hotel or resort in St. Helena island!

Mack Dawid
the authorMack Dawid