Destination Southeast Europe: Top Places


We are all sick and tired of the lockdown these days. Thus, going somewhere far from the house sounds like a great idea. Although not all countries in Europe are ready to welcome visitors, the Southeast Europe region is always happy to meet explorers. The region is often underrated, mainly because of the popularity of its neighboring countries like Italy. So, it is your perfect chance to enjoy its hospitality before the crowd flows.

Main Reasons to Visit Southeast Europe

If you don’t know anything about Southeast Europe except that most Games of Thrones picturesque scenes were filmed in Croatia, that’s ok. You have plenty of time to discover the region. You may have already heard such names as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria. Besides being a huge GoT fan, here are the few reasons to pick Southeast Europe as your next destination:

  • Affordable prices. They are not simply affordable, they are way cheaper than in Western countries. Even if you are a student on a scholarship, you still can plan your trip to Bulgaria with the help from Boiana MG;
  • Outstanding nature. If you miss the fresh air, you have to immediately go to Croatia, Bulgaria, or Montenegro. Southeast Europe is famous for its natural attractions protected from human’s barbarian attitude;
  • Tasty food. Southeast Europe, and especially the Balkans, is famous for its delicious local dishes. If you want to try something new and don’t mind gaining some weight, mainly because of incredible pastry and sausages, you have to try Greek and Turkish food;
  • Lots of medieval castles. You will find an enormous amount of remnants from the Middle Ages there. Check out Bulgaria’s Tsarevets or Romanian Brant Castle. Any country in Southeast Europe has its own rich history. You can visit them one by one and discover their monuments and attractions.

Top Countries to Go

Here is the list of Southeast European countries that are favorites among tourists. You don’t have to choose only one. Moreover, you can enjoy all of them.


Bulgaria is famous for its golden beaches and the clean waters of the Black Sea. Although many people travel to its capital Sofia to enjoy architecture from Byzantine and Ottoman times, you can’t possibly miss its main attraction. There are Varna, Sozopol, and Sunny Beach destinations waiting for you.


It is up to you whether you want to see the remnants of once-glorious Ancient Greek civilization, the center of culture and philosophy, or just relax on the beaches of one of the islands where there’s eternal summer. If you want to see monuments and museums, you have to go to Athens, the capital of the country. As for the lazy leisure time, Santorini, Crete, or Mykonos are best suited for it.


Croatia is a paradise for fans of natural wonders. Its city Dubrovnik is named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the Game of Thrones’ scenes were filmed there. However, it is most famous for the Plitvice Lakes, the area that unites 16 lakes and waterfalls of different colors.


The best season to visit Romania is Autumn. Don’t hesitate to go there on Halloween to see Bran Castle, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, whom you may know as Count Dracula. Tourists still believe that they could see Dracula if they spend the night there.

Must-Visit Region

Southeast Europe may not be known by a wide number of tourists due to its complicated history and uneasy political situation in the past. However, it is getting more and more noticed by experienced travelers who pay attention to welcoming countries with affordable prices, amazing nature, and unique cultures. You can visit one or few of them yourself to make sure that they are worthy of attention.


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