What to Consider When Choosing a Beach Resort


Everyone needs a beach holiday in the sun to take their mind off all the stresses of life. Nothing beats lying by the pool sipping on a cocktail while clear blue skies hang overhead. If you need a vacation at a relaxing beach resort, you must consider several factors before you book your accommodation.

Location Makes All the Difference

Some resorts and hotels advertise themselves as being right next to the beach or only a 5-minute walk away, when in reality, they are nowhere near the beach. You can get amazing Phi Phi resort deals with some of the most exclusive hotels on the island. This puts you right beside the beach or sometimes on it if you book the right accommodation.

Booking a resort has many benefits, especially if you find the right one.

Here are some additional features you will find at a quality beach resort:

  • Kid’s club
  • Swimming pools, jacuzzi & slides
  • Entertainment room
  • Holistic therapy centre
  • Live music & entertainment

Resort Types

There are different types of resorts, some are aimed at an older crowd, while others tend to target families or younger adults. More upmarket resorts usually have older adults and families, while cheaper resorts generally attract younger adults who are there to party from dusk till dawn. If you want a resort which is a bit more chilled out and offers light entertainment, you should check online reviews to see what others say.

Inclusive or Exclusive

Do you wish to pay an all-inclusive package where everything is already paid for when you arrive, or do you want to head out and purchase things on your own? If you plan on staying at the resort for most of your trip, an all-inclusive package is more beneficial.

Child-friendly Accommodation

If you are travelling with kids, you must find a child-friendly resort which has lots of activities to keep them occupied. A really good resort will offer a range of fun activities at no extra cost, including language classes, arts & crafts, and swimming pool games. Some resorts also offer a babysitting service.

Wherever you choose for your beach holiday getaway, remember to keep these tips in mind. Your selection process should be based on you and your family’s needs. If you are a young couple you may want something livelier than normal, whereas a family going on holiday with small kids has other needs.

Mack Dawid
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