Whale Watching: Tips to Know Before You Go


Whale watching is a great activity, whether it be a passionate hobby or a day trip on a holiday. It appeals to a wide range of ages and interests and can be fun as a family or even on your own. If you’re new to whale watching, here are a few useful tips for anyone ready to start their naval journey.

Pack for Any Type of Weather

Being out on the open water can lead to varying degrees of weather, so it’s best to be prepared. While typically colder out on the ocean, the sun can at times reflect off the water and provide a bit of warmth. Consider, too, that if the boat rocks and sways, the water that sprays you can be cold! Be sure to wear layers to bundle up or cool down as necessary.

Expect More Than Whales

Of course, with whale watching, the biggest goal is to be able to…well, watch a whale! However, the ocean accounts for over half the planet, and with that, all of the wondrous creatures of the deep blue sea. Whale watching in Eden, for example, can bring about many other marine animals such as dolphins, fur seals, turtles, and more!

Prepare Your Electronics

If you visit the right location during the right months of the year, there is an absolute chance you will see both whales and other marine life. Whales are migratory animals and follow very specific patterns, so they are easy to track throughout the year. That being said, any avid or even amateur photographer should be well prepared for some stunning photos! A few things to keep in mind for electronics:

  • Make sure you’re fully charged. Out on the ocean, the last thing you need is something dying mid-film, causing you to lose out on any other opportunities. Make sure all of your electronics have been charged, and maybe consider a battery pack if possible!
  • Think about waterproof abilities. You’ll be around a lot of water, is your phone prepared? There are many sports stores that will sell waterproof cases or even small bags that still allow for photos. It’s best to make sure your equipment doesn’t get soaked.

Whale watching is a wonderful activity and can truly make a memorable day with life-long experiences. Step on a boat today and experience the fresh ocean air for yourself.

Mack Dawid
the authorMack Dawid