Things To Do When You Are In Arlington, WA


Arlington is less than an hour’s drive from Seattle and offers a nice escapade from the city rush. If you have been thinking of a weekend break, Arlington can be a perfect pick, and the drive to this amazing city is worth the time spent. In fact, you can soak up the beautiful landscapes of Snohomish County along the way. In this post, we are sharing the best things to experience in Arlington.

Angel of The Winds Casino

If you want to try your luck, you should definitely stay ay Angel of The Winds Casino, which is also a resort. It offers some of the best Asian food in Arlington, WA, and you can get casino packages for two or more people. Angel of The Winds stands out because it is so close to Seattle and yet private enough for people, who don’t want to be bothered. They also have regular entertainment shows, fine-dining options, a bowling zone, so you can expect to stay occupied during your stay. The casino resort has a website, which has most details.

Bad Dog Distillery

In mood to taste the local whiskey, head to the Bad Dog Distillery, which is also a great experience. It is located on 63rd Ave, and you will get to know how it all works. The management and owner do their best to keep the guest occupied, and they have tasting room. For adults, this could be a good alternative to standard sightseeing.

The Outback Kangaroo Farm

If you are here with the kids, you should make time for The Outback Kangaroo Farm, which is a zoo with a difference. You get up and close with the animals, and there are guided tours, which are very educating to say the least. From kangaroos and flying squirrels to alpacas, this zoo has a good list of species and is worth the time spent.

Bryant Blueberry Farm

This is a family-owned blueberry farm close to Seattle, where you can enjoy a bunch of activities with the family. You can check online to find more on things around the farm, so it could be half a day’s tour for your trip.

In case you plan to stay at casino resorts of Arlington, we recommend that you book a package and do that before you arrive to get the best deal. Packages are cheaper, considering that you also get special discounts on casino and dining services.

Mack Dawid
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