Spending A Weekend In Ouray: A Quick Travel Guide!


If you are in Denver and want to explore an offbeat place in Colorado, you should definitely consider Ouray on your list. Known for the incredible mountainous landscapes and historic Victorian buildings, Ouray is a small town that has a popular ski resort too. Ouray, in fact, is often called the “Switzerland of America”. On a weekend trip, here are some things to explore in Ouray Colorado.

Walk along the Historic Main Street

The Historic Main Street of Ouray has some of the best restaurants and cafés, besides other attractions, such as the city call. It almost feels like a walk back to the old times, with many buildings retain the old charm of 19th century. There are also a few small museums worth your time.

Explore the mining history

Ouray was once known for mining activities, and you can head to the Miner’s Heritage Park for some awesome exhibits. The other popular option is Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour, which was counted among the richest gold mines once, and you can even look for gold in the stream. Quite an experience.

Head to Ouray Alchemist Museum

Ouray Alchemist Museum is a good place for pharmacy enthusiasts, and you can find some exhibits dating back to the 16th century. A booking is required to explore this museum, so ask your hotel for details, or look up online. There is also an option to tailor the experience of this museum for the interests of visitors.

Hike & jeep around

Ouray is famed its for terrain, which feels different in every single season. You can choose to hike and jeep around the area, and you can easily find ATV rentals. There are more than 500 miles of area to be explored, and hiking is best enjoyed with others. Most snow activities happen in winter, when you can explore snowboarding, skiing, while during the summers, rock climbing is quite fun.

Staying in Ouray

While there are some nice small hotels in Ouray, the best ones offer a mix of luxury options even in this small town. Check online for the best-rated places and make sure that you have a booking in advance, considering weekends are often very busy, even when the temperatures are freezing.

Ouray could be a nice escape away from the maddening rush of big cities, and there is no better alternative in Colorado for couples and families alike. Plan your journey now!

Mack Dawid
the authorMack Dawid