Six Services That International Realtors Should Offer


If you are looking for an international realtor in Bangkok, you want a realtor and firm that offer a wide variety of services for your housing needs. The more comprehensive the array of services, the more likely that your realtor will become a lifetime relationship rather than merely a one-time experience. Building relationships with your realtor through these six services (that are often needed in Bangkok) will ensure that you have the best possible realtor by your side.

  • Domestic Resales

Domestic resales include both services related to sales of luxury properties for the Thai market as well as international resales to Thai buyers. Ask about the experience of your realtor, such as how long they have worked in the market and the number of sales completed. The key is that the more experience they have, the better over the long term for you.

  • Leasing

Many who purchase today may be looking for help with rental services of luxury property tomorrow. People may move to the Thai market for a business or even to be close to family. You want a realtor who specializes in these rental and relocation services in the Thai market.

  • Project Sales and Marketing Management

It’s not a far jump from leasing property to new residential luxury projects that need sales and marketing expertise. These realtors take luxury properties for sale in Bangkok and market them to the perfect segments that attract attention from the right buyers.

  • Developer Consultancy

So if your realtor works in sales, leasing, and new project marketing and management, that would take care of all your needs, correct? Well, many realtors also offer advisory services for developers as they develop new residential projects. If your realtor is involved in this level of assistance, they are going to know better what to look for in properties that fit your lifestyle needs and style tastes.

  • Investment and Land Service

Other realtors also deal with the purchase and acquisition of land for luxury buildings, apartments, and condos. They may also work with setting up hotels and service apartments in the luxury industry.

  • International Agency

Last of all, it is best also to acquire a realtor who is an international agent, selling properties overseas as well as in Thailand.

For all these reasons, secure a realtor who can serve you now and in the future for any housing needs that might come your way.

Mack Dawid
the authorMack Dawid