Six reasons for you to visit Cebu once in your life


As everyone knows Cebu is a land of history, trade, beaches, and Cebuano cuisine. But, it has something even more to offer you. Cebu is called “the queen of the south”. Aside from its latest addition to its tourism, a few other things can make you fall in love with Cebu at first sight. In this quick Cebu tour, we will take you there to feel it again or for the first time.

Oldest and most miraculous catholic cross of Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese sailor stepped his foot on the shore of Cebu in order to find the very spice island. But accidentally, he and his crew reached the Philippines. There they meet the native people and their king and queen. They were so impressed by Magellan that they along with some of their followers accepted Christianity. To celebrate this Roman Catholic progress made Magellan and his crew planted this very cross in Cebu. Book your services at and enjoy the tour without any headache.

Oldest Spanish Settlement, forts, and street

Though the Philippines had a native race there. Yet Spanish had settled themselves in the Philippines by overthrowing them. And as a result, Cebu and its San Pedro fort become their first settlement there. San Pedro happened to be the oldest and smallest triangulated-shaped fort in the country. Again, according to The National Historical Institute Colon street is the oldest in the country.

Cebu holds the record for the grand celebration

One of the most attractive celebrations in the Philippines is Sinulog Festival. It shows the religious as well as cultural aspects of the Philippines. A parade dance has been arranged every year on the third Sunday of January. This festival is a way of worship to Santo Nino (Child Jesus).

Cebo has the record for best-roasted pork

Roasted pig or Lechon is one of the most delicious and best cuisines of the Philippines and Cebu holds the top position to serve its unique cuisine named Lechon.

Puso is another attraction to the tourists

 If you are a fan of rice and can not spend a day without it then Cebu has something special in its hand to offer you. A tourist can find a bunch of Puso hanging on those local street shops raped in coconut leaves and ready to serve with any best dish.

The crystal-clear blue water of Kawasan Falls

If you are an adventure freak and daredevil sport always makes your mood, then Cebu is welcoming you. Search for Kawasan Falls at It will surely give you the option to visit Kawasan Falls by tracking or canyoneering. You can trek to these 30-50 feet tall cliffs or you can take the long six hours journey from Alegria to Badian. One of the beautiful attractions of Kawasan Falls is its deep blue pool.

Apart from this basic attraction, there are a lot more things you can explore in Cebu. From white beaches, coral reefs, thousands of sea species, dark sacred caves, Sharks, and many more.