Must See Waterfalls in Goa to Explore with Family


Goa is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when planning a vacation. The picturesque beaches, rustic charm and vibrant nightlife is something that attracts tourists from across the country to this beautiful state. When talking about the scenic beauty of the state, one cannot forget the mesmerising waterfalls that are hidden gems of Goa and definitely worth exploring. If you are planning a family trip to Goa and wish to enjoy a relaxing vacation, visiting some of these heavenly waterfalls would be a good idea. The soothing landscapes, mesmerising natural beauty and picturesque sunsets makes these waterfalls the best spots to enjoy a fun family picnic or a romantic getaway with your loved one. Here we have listed the famous waterfalls in Goa that you must add to your bucket list:

1-Kesarval Waterfalls: Located around 20 km away from Panaji, Kesarval falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa. It got its names from the eagles who used to make their home on the steep rock surfaces. Come here in the monsoon months which is from June to September and you’ll get a chance to experience the pleasantness at this waterfall. The water here is known for its therapeutic properties so enjoy a dip here and spend some relaxing time admiring the natural beauty and pristine views of the surroundings.

2-Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Located between the Goa and Karnataka border, these are the most popular waterfalls that you must explore with family. Cascading from a height of 300 kms, this majestic waterfall appears milky white from a distance and hence has got the name ‘dudhsagar’. The gushing sound, lush greenery around this 4 tier waterfall is what attracts tourists to this place. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in fun activities like trekking, bike ride and jeep ride to explore the scenic beauty of the area. The best time to be here is between November to March.

3-Borim Waterfall: Another beautiful waterfall that you must visit with family is the Borim waterfall which is located just 4km from the Ponda city, an hour drive from Goa. It is also referred to as the twin waterfall as here you will see two splendid waterfalls running side by side, which is truly a sight to behold. The place is a popular picnic spot so come here with family and you are sure to have a great time together. The best time to soak in mesmerising views of this waterfall is during the monsoon (July to August) season when the waterfall is in its full glory.

4-Netravali Waterfalls: Tucked inside the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, the majestic beauty of this place attracts all nature lovers. The endless greenery in the surroundings and the calming silence makes this waterfall a perfect romantic getaway that you must explore with your special one. You can enjoy trekking here through the green patches or simply relax and admire the serene beauty of the place. Spending time amidst nature will surely be a rejuvenating experience that you will cherish for a long time.

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Mack Dawid
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