6 reasons to enjoy a magical day out at the best Thailand water park


It’s a wonderful experience being on holiday as a family, especially in a place that is among the most popular destinations in the world for young and old. The stunning blue seas, white sandy beaches, and undulating landscapes in a tropical climate are enough to create memories to last a lifetime.

That pretty much describes the island of Phuket, described as paradise by many. Yet, away from those wonderful features, it also has the added attraction of being the location of the best Thailand water park, which will create a magical day out for the following 6 reasons.

  1. It has amazing water slides that create thrills and excitement while captivating the mind by embracing Thai Mythology as heritage is captured for an incredible Thai cultural experience. The water kingdom allows for exploration across its 100,000 square metres while having endless fun.
  2. The slides are simply amazing, with the ups and downs of the longest duelling master blaster experience in Phuket along with the chance to soar down vertically and then back up creating the ultimate adrenaline rush. Those who want to see who can get to the bottom first challenging siblings will love the thrill of a race created on another slide.
  3. Adventure and education go hand in hand for those looking to search in the quest for hidden treasures of the Andaman Sea, from where the Andamanda water park takes its name. History is respected through Phuket’s Sino-Portuguese heritage as it is mixed with the architecture that forms the feature.
  4. It’s also a wonderful experience for those looking for relaxation. Perhaps the hiring of a private cabana for the day will allow for chilling out in style, as the fully furnished accommodation creates the perfect place to set up camp.
  5. There are plentiful food and drink options adding to the complete leisure experience, whether it’s some mouthwatering tropical fruit, cooling ice cream, or some traditional Thai recipes that are required. Those wanting a superb shopping experience will also be satisfied when visiting the park bazaar.
  6. The location is easy to reach from the whole of the island, being on the outskirts of the capital Phuket Town, and by the main road running through Phuket. Bookings can be made online to save time.

The best water park in Thailand will provide the perfect day out for all the family to have fun, relax, and learn about Thai heritage.

Mack Dawid
the authorMack Dawid