5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss In Dallas


Dallas is known for many things, and if you are here for a leisure or business trip, you should definitely make some time to explore this incredible city. Since the list is pretty long and exhaustive, we recommend the top picks below for your help.

  • Dealey Plaza. A lot of people are still curious about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, and if you are one of them, you should definitely head to Dealey Plaza, where you can explore many aspects of that fateful day. Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at the president, which killed him, and since then, there have many controversies around the investigation. Head to the sixth floor of the plaza, which was formerly Texas Schools Book Depository, for a museum that covers the sad event.
  • Enjoy a symphony concert. If you are in Dallas, you must enjoy the experience, where movies meet the symphony. Dallas Symphony Orchestra is a great place to enjoy a nice show on your own, or with the family. The good news is you can check for event details and book your tickets online through the website, and we promise that the orchestra experience in Dallas is unlike anywhere in Texas.

  • Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). If you are a fan of arts, you must make time for this art museum, counted among the best in the country. You will find a whole bunch of exhibits and displays, and there is enough to keep you hooked for hours at a stretch. People are often enamored by the European art collection, and you can also catch a movie screening or concert, on the right days.
  • Deep Ellum. If you love to explore local food and music, you should definitely head to Deep Ellum, which happens to the entertainment district of the city. There are many clubs and live venues, where you can enjoy music, grab a drink, and you will also love the concept of distilleries, which allow you to enjoy some of the best local brews. Do try the tacos here!
  • Dallas Zoo. Of course, there is the much-famed Dallas Zoo, which is a great outing and is home to many uncommon animal species. We strongly recommend the Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari, which is a 20-minute experience worth the time. If you are in Dallas with your family, this place is a must see.

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Mack Dawid
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