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Fadi and Rana     
We would like to thank you for a wonderful trip! It was planned and executed flawlessly. From the very hospitable Zakaria to the guides to the hotels to the itinerary, nothing could have been organized better. We were very impressed!

True to every guide book and article I read, the Syrian people lived up to their reputation: the warmest, most hospitable you will find anywhere. Without question, this was our experience. Not only did the Syrians make our trip magical, but every time you looked to the left or right you were confronted with significant history: from Bosra, to Palmayra, to the Citadel in Aleppo Syria is always teaching you something new and, at least for Americans, introducing you to a richer and more significant history than perhaps we were aware of. !

Warm regards,

M.Z.     30 - 3 - 2011
Dear Maya,
Thank you so much for the lovely lunch last Thursday - Najla and I enjoyed our conversation with you and appreciated the opportunity of getting to know you closely. We are look forward to reciprocating your kindness soon.
Also, I want to thank you for the wonderful tour you and your team have arranged for the Harvard Arab Alumni group and for the excellent services you have extended to our Canadian guests and friends who have visited Syria over the past couple of years. They all came back to Canada filled with warm admiration and love to Syria and its people, and had nothing to say but praise of your high quality team and services.

Qais Al-Awqati    4-1-2011
We are back in New York. I want to thanks you for a wonderful trip. The hotels were magical and the Mustafa the driver was a terrific guy. Happy New Year and many thanks again. I am sure that I will call on you again to help us with more trips to the region. This was a taste that is not easily forgotten. I am delighted that Semir Rebeiz suggested you.

David Jenkins    8 - 11 -2010
Very many thanks for arranging a most memorable first visit to Syria for us. Your choice of itinerary and your polite nudge away from the railway proved inspired. As you know, we were very pleased with our charming driver, Maheer, and all three of our guides. While we were sorry not to meet your proposed guide in Aleppo, Ahmed Modallal was a true star (as we discovered from both the Footprint Guide and Lonely Planet !).

Erica     11 - 10 - 2010
I am sorry that it has taken me a whole week to write and thank you for an absolutely magical trip. I donít think it would have been possible for it to be better organized and paced. The guides were fabulous, Maria Gaspard has inspired us on the cooking front and Kasem took care of us beautifully. The last day we found some great souvenirs, but what will really stick in our minds are the warm people and awesome sights of Syria. I will certainly try to come back and visit with other family members, and will try to encourage others to come. Thank you again, and if you ever need any type of reference for your services we will be more than happy to help.

All the best,

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